Laptop Repair Services

If you’ve got a laptop that just won’t work right, you could spend hours looking through articles on the Internet trying to find a way to repair it yourself. Or you could just bring it to us and we’ll get it repaired for you right away.

Virus & Malware Removal

There are a number of reasons why you may think your laptop has a virus. Maybe you’ve suddenly started seeing a lot more pop-up ads than usual, your web-browser has started redirecting to weird websites you are not interested in, or your laptop has been slower than usual. Whatever the reason, it’s often scary to find out that your computer may have been infected with a virus. You may wonder if it will be possible to remove the virus or if you’ll just have to wipe the hard drive and lose all of your personal data. We can remove most viruses and malware quickly, allowing your laptop to operate normally again.

Repairing a cracked screen or a screen that isn’t working

Sometimes laptop screens get damaged through a fall or other kind of accident. In other cases, the laptop may display no image even though the screen looks fine. To replace a laptop screen, we first remove the plastic covers or tape covering the LCD’s screws. We then unscrew these screws and pull out the LCD frame. Once we’ve done this, we can remove the LCD from its frame, unplug it from the inverter, and pull it out of the laptop. We can then install a new LCD by reversing this process.

Replacing or upgrading laptop memory

If your laptop will no longer boot up, it may be because one of your memory sticks has gone bad. We can open the laptop and use a process of elimination to determine which stick is causing the problem. We can then replace that particular RAM stick, allowing your laptop to boot up normally again. Even if your laptop memory is working correctly, you may not have enough memory to do the things you want with it. We can upgrade your laptop’s memory so it will do what you want it to.

Repairing or replacing a laptop hard drive

If your laptop has been showing you error messages and crashing randomly, it may be because there is a problem with your hard drive. We can check the status of your hard drive using the S.M.A.R.T. system. If your hard drive is not in danger of failing but is still causing crashes, we can eliminate errors using check disk. We can also reinstall your hard drive’s deviceDiagnostic drivers if the hard drive is not being recognized. If there is something physically wrong with your hard drive, we can replace damaged or loose cables, the hard drive PCB, or even the hard drive itself.

We can improve your battery life

Another common problem that laptop owners face is a battery that keeps draining too quickly. We can identify what services and components are causing the power drain. We can replace your battery or charger and have you back up and running longer then ever.

Repairing laptop WiFi

Sometimes laptops have trouble connecting to a WiFi network. If your laptop has this problem, we can determine if its the physical WiFi adapter causing the problem, if the cause is a corrupted driver or if it's another software issue. If the problem is the adapter itself, we can take out the old adapter and put in a new one, allowing your laptop to connect to the Internet like it always did before.

Mending broken fans and fixing other problems

If your laptop CPU fan is broken, your computer may cut off randomly. It may also give you an error message telling you that your fan is broken. We can remove your fan from your laptop and diagnose what is causing the malfunction. In some cases, we can lubricate the fan and get it working again. In other cases, we will have to replace the entire fan. Either way, we can fix overheating problems on a laptop so that your PC will stop cutting off on you.

Repairing a laptop keyboard

It’s easy to damage a laptop keyboard. You may have spilled something on it, a small child in the home may have torn off some of the keys, or the keyboard may have just quit working mysteriously. Whatever the reason for the damage, we can remove your old keyboard and install a new one so that your laptop will work correctly again.

Fixing a broken laptop USB port

USB ports are often extremely important for laptop users. You may need your USB port for an external mouse or to transfer files from your mobile deviceDiagnostic. If your USB port is not working, it could be a software problem caused by an outdated or corrupted driver. It could also be caused by a failure of the USB port itself. If your USB has an outdated driver, we can update it and get it working again. If there is physical damage to the port, we can remove your motherboard, desolder the USB port, and solder on a new one.

Diagnosing and fixing power problems

If your laptop has no power, it can seem like there is no clue what is wrong with it. But we can diagnose and fix problems with laptops that have no power. The power problem may be caused by a faulty power button, a broken DC jack, RAM that has gone bad, a fried motherboard, or a short-circuit in any of the other components of the laptop. The only way to know for sure is to disconnect and reconnect each component until we find the one that is causing the problem. Once this is done, we can replace the faulty part and get your laptop working again.

How Much Will It Cost?

Laptop repair services don’t have to break the bank. Our services are both fast and budget-friendly. Depending on the type of damage and the extent of the damage to your deviceDiagnostic, repair costs will vary. For an accurate estimate on your deviceDiagnostic, please contact us at 250-463-1521.

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