Making an impact

We know there are bigger problems in the world than, "Should I get earbuds or over-ear headphones?"

Buying something for yourself or a loved one feels great, but buying something and giving back to those in need feels even better. When you choose Thinkmonkey Solutions, you choose to help us make a difference in our community and abroad.

Guatemala Project

The Guatemala Project

We believe every child deserves the opportunity to reach his or her potential. The Guatemala Project aims to help provide Guatemalan students entering university with the tools they need to suceed in their studies.

How it works
  • Donate your old or unused devices
  • We work with industry partners to refurbish or repair
  • We send the devices to Guatemala or resell them with 100% of the sale donated

We work with partners in Guatemala to provide students the ability to have access to the technology and devices they need to continue their studies in a technology related field. Often these students are not able to afford the cost of attending courses such as Graphic Design or Programming due to the high cost of the technology devices needed to perform such tasks. Your unused or broken device is given a second chance to help them in their studies.

Guatemala Project
Guatemala Project
Guatemala Project